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The Genealogy of the Runquist, Corothers, Wilzer and Wutzke Families.

My grandparents Hjalmar and Bessie Runquist

My Name is Ken Runquist.  I have been working on my family history for over a decade and this website represents the fruits of my labour.  It is a work in progress and may contain errors or omissions.  If you see any, contact me at the address below:

I hope to have the story of my grandparents coming from the USA to the small farming community of Herbert, Saskatchewan, Canada on this website soon.  The title will be "They Came to Herbert".

bulletMy Ancestors: this page shows my pedigree.  It also lists over 1000 people who are currently in my database.
bulletCorothers: the descendants of my 4th great grandparents John and Catherine Corrothers.
bulletRunquist: the descendants of my great grandparents Gustaf and Fredricke Runquist
bulletWilzer: the descendants of my great grandparents Jacob and Julia Wilzer
bulletWutzke: the descendants of my great grandparents George and Julianna Wutzke.

My grandparents Paul and Matilda Wilzer

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